Selection Massale was founded in 2010 by Guilhaume Gerard and Cory Cartwright as a small importer and online retailer of wines made by farmers. The producers we work with are small scale growers and vignerons who work the land and make wine honestly and responsibly. All of our wines are available through our mailing list.

Selection Massale sells wines we truly believe in. We do not sell wines based on points, scores, blog hype or anything else besides what Guilhaume and Cory like. We sell wines that we drink from producers we stand behind and nothing else. These are wines made from smaller independent winemakers, many of whom haven’t been represented in the states before. These are wines that go with food, lighter wines made for drinking, not showing off. We will work to sell you these wines at the best possible price we can. These are things we can promise you.

How We Work:
-we buy all of our wines either directly from the producers we visit during our buying trips in Europe, or from importers we have privileged relationships with, that have great deals for us in their warehouse. No brokers, no distributors, no middle men so we can keep our first goal a reality, to sell wines we love at the right price.

-Wines we buy from Europe are paid for, and shipped directly to our warehouse in refrigerated containers. We do not offer wines that we do not own, we do not sell wines before making our orders with the producers.

-We are very cautious about the quality of our wines, and in that spirit, we do not ship during hot weather. It might be frustrating to some, but we would rather wait until weather cools down to ship so you have an intact bottle of wine, the way it’s meant to be drank.

-We ship full cases, to cut down on shipping fees, unless you require us to do otherwise.